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SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO

SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO

SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO    SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO

Hi thanks for viewing this listing! This listing is for a personalized, massive collection of games and artwork for many, many video game systems.

Please read the entire description. Meeting and exceeding expectations is crucial for me. Imagine walking into a vintage video game store and seeing every game for every system you remember having as a kid.

Only being able to walk out with 3-4 games and thinking about every time you go back and picking up another game or two. Now imagine owning that store.

Or even imagine walking into a game store in Japan where all you see are games that you've never even heard of and being able to try each and every one of those. I know there are similar listings to mine but I honestly don't know what's different about theirs.

I only know that I built my collection, my virtual museum, from scratch and very meticulously. I spent close to two years making it look and feel professionally designed.

I know it's possible for sellers to add all the games and not worry about compatibility or functionality, however I tested over 1,000 games individually on multiple systems to make absolutely sure the important ones worked and that the ones I didn't test should work no problem. I also know that it is easy for sellers to automatically add artwork to games through a program that does it for them.

But this leads to a lot of bad pieces of artwork and, often times, artwork for the wrong game or on the wrong system. This absolutely drives me nuts! The idea for this system, to me, was to have a system that feels professional and store bought.

I wanted to make absolutely sure that many systems had perfect artwork. SNES, NES, Neo Geo are the best examples of this while others like Sega Genesis and Game Boy didn't have the best artwork available but I still paid a ton of individual attention to each game to get them as good as it gets. Some systems or Japanese sets have no artwork because it would have been impossible to get a set that was even halfway decent. We can work together to customize the menu to have the order you want. I try to leave around 30GB free as a sort of giant memory card.

A lot of the Amstrad/computer games require some complicated configuration because they used to use a keyboard. But it can be done! 99.99% complete Neo Geo MVS/AVS collection with amazing artwork I may be missing one or two obscure Mahjong games and that's just because I didn't have decent artwork for them! No Neo Geo CD though. Full set of SNES games. Huge collection of Japanese Super Famicom games. Full set of NES games.

Huge collection of Japanese Famicom games including many Famicom Disk System games like Doki Doki Panic, the basis for Super Mario Bros. Full set of Game Boy games.

Full set of Game Boy Color games. Huge collection of Game Boy Advance games. English translated version of Mother 3 (EarthBound 2).

Full set of Sega Genesis games. Full set of Sega 32X games. Full set of Sega Master System and Game Gear games. Huge set of most Sega Japanese games. A selection of great Sega CD games Sonic CD! Huge set of Arcade games Lots of Street Fighter and Capcom games! Big set (over 100) PlayStation 1 games.

These are what take the most space but are worth it! Full set of TurboGrafx and SuperGrafx games. English translated version of Castlevania - Rondo of Blood for the TurboGrafx CD. Huge set of Japanese TurboGrafx aka PC-Engine games. Huge, if not complete, set of Atari games (2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx).

Huge set of Amstrad games. Some beta and prototype games for those that like to see what differences they had.

HD graphics with crystal clear display or your choice of slight blur filtering and/or scanlines. Rewind times for most SNES RPGs set the same way as the ones that come with the original system. A huge amount of options for games including scanlines, or resolution changes.

Built-in cheats for many games. Save states for almost all games.

Around 30 GIGABYTES of extra space to act as a giant memory card. The ability to turn buttons into turbo buttons.

Controller reset mod - don't get up to reset the console (go back to the home menu) - now you can do it with the press of two buttons simultaneously. Remap buttons on your controller any way you want.

If you are interested in playing PlayStation 1 games, I do suggest an alternative to the included controllers because they do not have L2/R2 buttons which some games require. I personally use actual PlayStation 4 controllers combined with 8bitdo's Retro Receiver. It allows me to use the PS4 controller wirelessly. I can help you set this up. Because this is a custom product with so many different systems there are a LOT of things to learn about it such as how to change discs for multi-disc games, change controls, how to use a PlayStation 4 controller etc.

You can customize everything so much. OR you could just plug and play, the decision is yours.

Again, this is meant to be like a curated museum of games! Nothing is perfect but they're darn near close. I made sure that games that required patches to work were patched. Please note about all this is that I request that when you receive your upgrade kit, PLEASE be able to make a backup so that if there are any errors or accidents etc.

We can refer back to it. Also, to be clear this item has never been used or opened other than to take the system out and modify it. There is no seal on this product.

Want to discuss different options and customizations? Message me, and let's talk about it. If it's on SNES, NES, Neo Geo Genesis, Game Boy, etc.

You can bet I have it on here but if you want to make sure certain games are here and play well, especially PS1 games, please let me know. The item "SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO" is in sale since Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

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  1. Brand: Nintendo
  2. Model: Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
  3. Platform: Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
  4. Color: Gray
  5. Region Code: Region-Free
  6. Hard Drive Capacity: 512MB
  7. MPN: 105956

SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO    SNES Classic 12,000+ Games Modded PS1 Sega Super Nintendo Quick Reset NEO GEO